Praying for Myriad Virtues

Praying for Myriad Virtues

On Ding Guanpeng's the Buddha Preaching in the Berlin Collection
Herausgeber: Autor: Ching-Ling Wang
Reihe: Connecting Art Histories in the Museum (CAHIM), Vol. 3

"The Buddha Preaching", painted in 1770 by Ding Guanpeng, and now in the collection of the Ethnologisches Museum in Berlin, is among the largest paintings ever produced by a court artist of the Qing dynasty. Over ten meters wide, it depicts the Buddha preaching the dharma and surrounded by a pantheon of deities in a Buddhist paradise. As the final masterpiece of the first-ranked court painter Ding Guanpeng, it is worthy of researhc for both its artistic merit and its historical significance. This fundamental study of the painting reveals the value of this much-over-looked work in both these respects, providing new research material and contextualizing the function and meaning of the painting by considering its original location and reconstructing its impact in the institutional and religious contexts of the Qing court. ""The Buddha Preaching" sheds light on the workings of the painting academy at the Qing court. This study also concerns historical questions surrounding the painting, clarifying its collecting history before and after it came to Germany. Text in English.
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Asia, China
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Ethnologisches Museum, Humboldt-Forum, Museen Dahlem, Museum für Asiatische Kunst
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